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This packet of reindeer food features biodegradable glitter made from eucalyptus mixed with oats. The glitter is certified to degrade in water and soil and is marine and wildlife safe. The packet is made from cellulose and is also biodegradable and can be added to your home compost bin. The sticker is made from recycled paper and printed by us in-house with edible inks made from food colouring.


Please note this is not for feeding real reindeer! This is to be used as part of the Christmas tradition of laying a trail to lead the reindeer and Santa to your house. 

Reindeer Food with Eco Glitter

    • Eco Glitter made from eucalyptus and fully biodegradable
    • Cellulose plant-based plastic envelope is compostable
    • The sticker is made from recycled paper with non-toxic glues in the UK
    • The inks are made from food colouring and are edible and compostable.

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