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Seed numbers are approximate but will always have at least the number stated in brackets. Some of these packets are spares from out compact growing kits so may have a smaller number which is why we state how many seeds per packet. Some are unusual varieties but all are chosen because they are easy to grow and suit small spaces.


The seeds are split into flowers, herbs, vegetables and lettuces. Any questions please send a message. 



  • Italian Green Basil (70 seeds) – Large leafed bright green variety
  • Coriander (40 seeds) Fast growing variety which is slow to bolt and has a good strong flavour. Grows well on windowsills. Very easy to seed save from after flowers have gone to seed.
  • Opal Purple Basil (50 seeds) -This variety has a deep purple and green leaf with a beautiful scent and slightly spicy flavour. Adds great colour to cooking. Can be sown indoors or outside, ideal for pots.
  • Chives (60 seeds) Can be grown year-round on your windowsill and has a mild onion flavour. Sow at a depth of 0.5cm. If planting outside, sow direct from April onwards.


  • Nasturtium Tom Thumb (8 seeds) As the name suggests this is a dwarf variety of Nasturtium. It has single flowers in bright colours and is very easy to grow. You can plant it outside by pushing the seeds 1.5cm into the soil. Perfect for gardens and containers. This fast growing plant gives edible leaves and flowers. The leaves have a peppery flavour which is stronger the bigger the leaves. Great adition to salads. Very easy to seed save from after flowers have gone to seed.
  • Sunflower seeds. (15 seeds) Giant variety grows to approximately 2-3 metres tall and has large heads with yellow petals.
  • Pacific Beauty Lemon Calendula Marigold (20 seeds) This variety of calendula marigold has a creamy lemon coloured petal. Adds colour in salad and very easy to grow. You can use the petals in cooking. Its nickname is ‘poor man’s saffron’ as it can be used like saffron for adding colour and a light tangy flavour, good for paella, salad, soups and omelettes. Very easy to seed save from after flowers have gone to seed. Sow from March to June direct in the soil.
  • Calendula Nova Pot Marigold (25 seeds) This marigold variety gives beautiful flowers and you can use the petals in cooking. Its nickname is ‘poor man’s saffron’ as it can be used like saffron for adding colour and a light tangy flavour, good for paella, salad, soups and omelettes. Very easy to seed save from after flowers have gone to seed.


  • Red Bull Brussels Sprout (16 seeds) This variety gives a deep purple coloured sprout, the colour gets stronger as the weather gets colder. Cant be planted inside in modules until early may and needs 10 degrees warmth to germinate. They can be planted out from the end of may. Plant at a 60cm distance from each other.
  • Golden Yellow Beetroot (50 seeds) This variety gives a deep golden coloured beetroot with a mild flavour. Sow direct from April onwards and harvest from June. When thinning, harvest smaller ones for salads to allow others to grow larger.
  • Giant Winter Spinach (50 seeds) This winter variety has big dark green leaves and can be sown directly into the soil from June to September. Seeds can be soaked for 24 hours in filtered water before sowing to help germination. Space rows 30cm apart and thin as seeds grow to 15cm apart. Can be sown successionally to have a staggered harvest. Harvest from October
  • Beet Leaf Rainbow Chard (30 seeds) These seeds give a beautiful variety of bright coloured stems in yellows, pinks and reds with green leaves. Sow direct in the soil from early May.
  • Radish Sparkler  (70 seeds) This variety gives a beautiful bright red coloured globe with a white tip. It can be sown from february until Septmber direct into the soil, ideally a prepared seed bed. Sow 2.5cm deep with row spacing of 23cm. Seedlings should appear after 7-10 days. Thin if overcrowded. Plant successionally for a staggered harvest.
  • Spring Onion (50 seeds) This is the White Lisbon variety. It Can be started indoors or sown direct into the ground until July. Plant successionally for a staggered harvest.
  • Tomato Rotkappchen (8 seeds) This compact variety is a dwarf bush type of tomato and is suited to balconies, containers and hanging baskets. It produces small cherru sized tomatoes and only grows to approximately 55cm tall.
  • Paris Atlas Round Carrots  (150 seeds) This heritage variety grows to the size of a golf ball, harvest similar to beetroot and eat the smaller plants as you thin them. Can be sown outdoors from April.


  • Red and Green Lettuce (60 seeds) This is a loose leaf variety and has a beuatiful mix of red and green leaves similar in shape to oak leaves. Can be sown thinly indoors until August. Seedlings may appear in as little as 7 days. Sow regularly for a staggered harvest. Can be thinned out and baby leaves eaten too or dont thin at all and enjoy baby leaves.
  • Lettuce Lollo Rossa (50 seeds) This is a loose leaf lettuce with beautiful deep red curly leaves. Can be regularly harvested as cut and come again leaves or left until fully grown to be harvested whole. Can be sown from March until September and planted out from May. 
  • Baby Leaf Salad Lettuce (80 seeds) This is a red and green leaf mix. Sow inside from April, sow at intervals for continual harvest. Leaves can be harvested after a few weeks once they reach a good size.
  • Lettuce Little Gem (80 seeds) This creates a dwarf compact variety with crisp leaves. It is easy to grow, sow indoors from April and plant outside from late May. 



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    Seed Packets

    I love the individual seed packets. They arrived very quickly, in a lovely packaging are now growing beautifully. I only have a balcony so these are just perfect. I already had a chance to eat some of the radishes and the taste is amazing:) I can't wait to harvest my first round carrots and spring onions soon:) Thank you!

    Charlotte M


    Mini Growing Kit...Big Treat!

    Really love this! Beautifully packaged, arrived much quicker than I expected and so simple to create something so lovely in an indoor space! My 4 year old loved helping and we daily check the pots which are all growing beautifully. I think he may even try eating something new and healthy...! Gorgeous. Thank you Rose!



    Lovely gift idea

    I received a mini growing kit as a gift. Love the concept! Perfect for my tiny flat. Now I'm waiting impatiently for the seeds to grow! Thank you.

    Deb Hall


    Salad Kit

    We ordered a Salad Kit during lockdown as we thought it would be a great activity for our 7 year old. Delivery was super quick and everything we needed other than soil was included! But what really made this product great was all the little thoughtful touches like the hand written note and the gorgeous design work. So much passion for the environment and love has been put into each product and it shows! Would make a perfect gift and definitely recommend The Crop Club. Thank you Rose!



    Crop Club Eco Shopper Bag, Cup Growing Kit & Bottle Top Waterers

    Crop Club is everything that is still great in this world! I wish this could be globally known and used by all. I love my little cup and bottle top waterer - it's still with me and I use religiously!
    My shopper bag stays in the car, ready to use at a moments notice!
    I love everything on here and can't wait to use more products!

    Ksenija Kuzmina


    Mini Growing Kit - a perfect birthday for the little ones

    These "Mini Growing Kit" are my 'go to' birthday present for kids 3+, and they have always been a success, including with my daughter. The illustrated instructions are easy to follow so its easy and engaging for kids. My toddler loves seeing coconut compost expanding, she enjoys putting seeds into the pots, and because germination time is short, she doesn't need to wait long to see the results! Its a great way to help children to learn about growing our own food and a great eco-friendly present for the little ones! Thank you Crop Club :) !!!

    Lina Blundell


    Lovely wedding favours and gifts

    We bought "Illustrated Cup Growing Kits" as favours for our wedding and it was the best idea! The kits were lovely, they looked beautiful laid on the tables and our guests loved them! It was also amazing to see how a lot of our guests learned to grow at home for the first time and for others, it was an excuse to start again! Of course, we got some for us too and we were able to enjoy lovely herbs at home, reminding us of our special day. Since then, we have bought more of these, as they make lovely, thoughtful and sustainable gifts. Thank you Crop Club!

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