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The Crop Club reconnects communities through the joy of growing food, encouraging biodiversity and inspiring healthy happy lifestyles.

By working with companies, communities, schools and local authorities we reconnect people with nature and the value of food – contributing positively to the local growing food movement, encouraging biodiversity and more resilience within our communities.

We take local action to encourage communities to grow more food through hands- on learning events where people can get planting.

We provide people with seeds, pots, coffee sack planters and instructions, simplifying the process to get anyone growing at home even in small spaces.

We design promotional giveaways for companies and communities that want to offer a gift to their customers whilst remembering their brands. In turn, we meet our goal to spread the joy of growing further.

We also look at the big picture, informing people on the problems with current industrial food production, changing farming practice and the impact on biodiversity and human health and well-being. 

When we act together, we have the skills and vision to guarantee that food provides for people, animals and the planet.

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