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Grow Your Own Rainbow Spuds: Potato Adventures with The Crop Club Growing Kits!

Hello! Get ready to embark on a colourful spud-tacular journey with us. We're diving deep into the world of potatoes – from their ancient roots to modern varieties in vibrant hues. But wait, there's more! We'll also introduce you to our eco-friendly Potato growing kit that'll have you harvesting rainbow taters in no time- even suitable for the smallest of spaces So, buckle up and let's dig in!

The Potato Saga: 

Imagine a time when potatoes ruled the Andean highlands, thousands of years ago. They didn't arrive in Europe until Fast forward to the 16th century, and these humble tubers made their grand debut in Europe, landing in Spain in 1570 and then the British Isles 20 years later.

But it wasn't until the legendary Parmentier stepped onto the scene that potatoes truly stole the spotlight. With his culinary prowess, he turned sceptics into die-hard potato enthusiasts, paving the way for the spud revolution. He made the potato flower a fashion accessory to win over those fearful of the humble potato and you can find out more about him in our Potato Growing Kit Guide that comes with every kit. Vive la pomme de terre!

Meet the Colourful Cast: 

Say hello to our potato pals – they come in all shapes, sizes, and colours! From the classic Maris Pipers to the vibrant Purple Rains and beyond, there's a spud for every taste bud. You can be forgiven for thinking that the brown-skinned and white flesh potatoes you see in the supermarkets are the norm when it comes to potatoes. But wait, it gets even more exciting! Ever heard of Vitanoire or Lily-Rose? These funky varieties add a pop of colour to any plate and a whole lot of flavour to your meals. Who knew potatoes could be

This year you can choose from 4 amazing varieties to grow in your kit.

Image shows four different types of potatoes that you can choose to grow with a Potato Growing Kit from The Crop Club. Spotty variety Celebration has a pink skin with yellow spots, Pink Fir Apple has knobbly, pinky yellow skin, Lily Rose has a red skin and red flesh and finally Vitanoire has purple skin and purple flesh
Colourful potato varieties you can choose to grow with a Potato Growing Kit from The Crop Club.

Spud-tastic Trivia:

  • Here's a fun fact: potatoes belong to the same family as tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers. 

  • Did you know that the world's biggest potato weighed a whopping 8 Kg? That's one giant spud!

  • Move over, rice and wheat – potatoes are the fourth most eaten crop worldwide. They're basically the rockstars of the food world.

Introducing The Crop Club Potato Growing Kit: 

Now, here's the real potato goldmine – The Crop Club's Potato Growing Kit! This eco-friendly gem comes with everything you need to grow your own rainbow spuds, right on your doorstep! It is our easiest growing kit and one of the most satisfying, imagine popping outside to harvest a couple of spuds as and when you need them.

You don't need a garden to get involved, you only need enough space for the two planter sacks so they can go on concrete, a driveway, a patio or your garden.  or even on your patio. Inside, you'll find 2 upcycled coffee sack planter bags – not only are they plastic-free, but they also add a rustic touch to your garden or balcony. As a bonus, slugs struggle to move on the dry surface of the jute sacks so they are a natural slug repellent too! Talk about eco credentials. See our other blog on slugs if these are a problem in your garden for lots of natural ways to reduce pest attacks.

But wait, there's more! The kit also includes seed potatoes, and an easy-to-follow instruction booklet, so even newbie gardeners can become potato-growing pros. You can choose two different varieties to grow and all are unusual varieties, some heritage and this year we even have a brand new variety, Vitanoire! Plus, with our emphasis on sustainability, you'll feel good knowing that you're reducing waste and treading lightly on the planet.


Well, folks, there you have it – a spud-tacular adventure through the colourful world of potatoes, topped off with The Crop Club's eco-friendly Potato Growing Kit. So, what are you waiting for? Join the potato party and start growing your own rainbow spuds today! With a little love and a lot of sunshine, you'll soon be harvesting a bounty of beautiful, delicious taters. Happy growing!


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