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What is Magic Dust?

Magic dust is a mix of sawdust, eco glitter and wildflower seeds.

The seed mix has 25 varieties of scented flowers that bees, butterflies and other insects will love. It is not just the bees who play an important role in pollination, Unlike some cheaper mixes, there are no grasses, only wildflower seeds.

Why this mix? Well, the sawdust is the carrier which helps you spread the seeds out more evenly. The eco glitter helps you see where they have been sown but also carries a message. We use eco glitter to raise awareness of alternatives to traditional oil-based plastic. The eco glitter is made from wood-based cellulose, largely from Eucalyptus trees and is certified to safely biodegrade in water. It is marine and wildlife safe.

So what flowers will you find? Here’s the magic list:

So how does this mix look in real life? Well, check out the photos below to see the magic mix being made.

You can buy Magic Dust in two types of packaging via our website. The first option is a Clear envelope so you can see the mix sparkling. The envelope is made in the UK with NATIVIA® film, compostable, biodegradable and is accredited to EN 13432 and ‘OK biobased’. Keep them away from excessive moisture and heat if you won't be sowing the seeds soon. But don't worry, a little water splashed on them won't start the biodegradation process, just wipe it dry.

The second option is our little hemp bags. They have a natural linen lining and drawstring with a little cardboard label.

Both of our Magic Dust options are available as custom orders for wedding favours, children's party gifts and promotional gifts. Below are just a few examples. Please contact us for more information or email


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