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Collaborating with Muto and vulnerable members of the community to sew coffee sacks for food growing

At Fearon Hall, sewing coffee sacks with Muto

In the last month or so, The Crop Club has joined Muto every Tuesday in Fearon Hall, Loughborough. Muto has engaged members of the community with the creative project to design a new line of reusable packaging for The Crop Club products and to learn to sew coffee sacks for the large growing kits. Let me tell you more about Muto so that you will understand why we were so inspired to work with them.

Jen, founder from Muto

Muto engages with vulnerable individuals around Leicestershire, delivering creative workshops which support people to develop skills, confidence and improve self-esteem.

Trading standards give them seized counterfeit goods which participants re-brand and up-cycle into bags, aprons and clothing with the help of a member of staff and volunteers.

The main beneficiaries include people lacking confidence because they are homeless, unemployed or experiencing issues with their mental or physical health.

When Rose met Jen, founder of Muto and heard the story, she wanted more than anything to collaborate because:

  • It is an opportunity to grow confidence in people which is the main ingredient to start growing food and to achieve any goals

  • It opens discussion on how a social enterprise can both create social and environmental good by reducing social isolation whilst diverting waste from landfill

  • It is a humbling experience when understanding where people come from in their lives

  • Finally, Jen is a great inspiration on what can be done through arts and creativity to help people rebuild their self-esteem.

On a lighter note, Rose and I are completely taken by Muto bus, with its Cath Kidson flower print, which travels around Leicestershire to share participants' projects and sell their work. One day, we will have our own Crop Club Tour Bus (promise).

Muto Bus

So here it is, Muto collaborating with us to engage communities to sew coffee sacks for growing food and confidence. We hope you enjoy this story.

Thanks to Muto for the pictures and all their support, we look forward to working with you more.


Time for action!

You can from now on purchase our large growing kits with Muto manufactured coffee sacks from our Shop.

About our new reusable packaging design line, it will arrive next year, so subscribe to our newsletter if you want to be kept updated.


Time to hear from you!

In the comment box below, let us know at least about one person who supports vulnerable members of the community and their project that inspires you and why? Be specific and comprehensive.

For extra credit, share that person this link so that they can see your words 'in print'.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Thank you for your contribution to The Crop Club community. You are sharing the joy of growing further.

All the best,


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