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Help provide food for the bees and pollinators by increasing the biodiversity of our environment.


These little bags of Magic Dust contain a mix of sawdust, wildflower seeds and eco glitter. You will find 25 varieties of wildflower seeds inside this compostable packet. 


The eco glitter is certified compostable and wildlife safe. The envelope is certified biodegradable and compostable. The labels are made in the UK with recycled paper and non-toxic glues. We print them in-house with edible inks made from food colouring. 


For more informtion on Magic Dust, read our blog post here.

Magic Dust - Wildflower seeds for the bees

    • Wildflower seeds for bees and butterlfies
    • Eco Glitter made from eucalyptus and fully biodegradable
    • Cellulose plant-based plastic envelope is compostable
    • The sticker is made from recycled paper with non-toxic glues in the UK
    • The inks are made from food colouring and are edible and compostable

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