Welcome to The Crop Club​ - a club for anyone to join!


We want to help you grow food in small spaces.

We help homes, businesses and communities experience the joy of growing food with eco growing kits designed for small spaces. 


By working to raise awareness and education we reconnect people with nature and the value of food – contributing positively to the local growing food movement, encouraging biodiversity and more resilience within our communities.

Do you fancy home grown food at your fingertips?
Are you fed up of buying salad wrapped in plastic?
Wish you could grow colourful vegetables you wont find in the supermarket?

We make growing kits as small as a cup to fit on your windowsill. Our bigger kits use old coffee sacks to give you a natural and plastic free planter bag to grow in. You dont need a garden, these are perfect for concrete yards, doorsteps and driveways. 

the core of our vision is to reconnect people with growing food,
nature and communities.