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Our kits are designed for people with small spaces; you don’t need a garden to grow your own!


Our kits combine vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers to follow companion planting rules and reduce pests. This kit features a range of easy-to-grow and interesting varieties such as round carrots which are quick and easy to grow.


Our coffee sack planters are perfect for small spaces including balconies, patios, decking areas and driveways! All varieties are chosen because they are compact, fast to mature and many can be re-sown throughout the season for a continual harvest. 


Every coffee sack is unique and different, we cannot say which design you will get. Coffee sacks have already been used to transport coffee and are then upcycled by us. Due to this, they can be a little dirty and messy but perfect for the garden! They are completely compostable and contain no plastic so are harmless in the garden.


You will get a booklet full of instructions to help you grow along with:

  • 5 varieties of seeds
  • Compostable cardboard and PLA pots printed with our beautiful design
  • Coir compost discs (peat free)
  • Wooden spoon plant markers
  • Bottletop Waterer ( 80% recycled plastic, made in the UK)
  • A long coffee sack planter bag, each planter bag is approximately 70cm x 35cm with a depth of 15cm. These are sewn by hand with twine made in Scotland.


Salad Growing Kit Two

£30.00 Regular Price
£25.00Sale Price
  • This kit comes with a long planter sack approximately 70cm x 35 cm and a choice of seed sets.

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