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Grow your own beautiful fresh herbs and edible flowers indoors with minimal space needed!


Brighten up your windowsill with these kraft cups you can decorate which are also completely compostable. 


Caring for plants is proven to improve happiness and wellbeing. 


We have selected easy-to-grow varieties for you, so you can experience the joy of growing. 


In this box are 3 blank kraft pots, 6 coconut compost discs, clear dome lids, 3 packets of seeds, 3 marker spoons, a bottletop waterer and full colour instructions.


Choose three seeds in the options below. Choose from edible flowers and herbs; Nasturtiums, Calendula Marigold, Purple Basil, Coriander and Lemon Grass.


Box is 11.5cm wide x 8cm deep x 18cm high and made from recycled paper.

Mini Growing Kit - Decorate your own cups!


    • Pot is compostable and made in the UK
    • Leaflet is printed on recylced paper with vegetable inks
    • Bottletop waterer is made in the UK with 80% recycled content
    • Peat free, coconut coir compost discs
    • Fully recyclable lid 

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